Our Vision

We believe that reputation is everything! Over the years Ruth Annette has taught thousands of Artists, online, via written tutorials and books and in live classes.  We believe that by helping fellow Artists the Artistic bar can be raised to at least a basic acceptable level. Of course some Artists will push the envelope and will excel beyond their teachings; and this is wonderful to witness.  Ruth and the team often get asked "Why give your secrets away" the answer is... They simply do not look at their teachings as 'secrets' and fully believe that if a customer has a bad experience whilst buying a Reborn Baby Doll, they will be lost to the industry forever!

Our Story

My story;

October 2003… I was sat at the PC breastfeeding my Lillie who was about 12 weeks old and surfing eBay with my free hand, I was actually looking for a particular steiff bear which played the tune that would send Lillie to sleep... I came across a listing for a BABY! Yes… a real live baby! "Sick idiots" I said to my computer screen. I mean, looking back now, that little berenguer reborn was amazingly dolly looking, but I have never seen anything like it.

So my curiosity grew and I started searching, back them there were maybe 20 Artists in the UK, I found a few more in the USA and started asking a few questions, I came across one lady called Kimberly Stetovich her babies were just beautiful. She told me her and two other friends were setting up online classes called “Simply Reborn” … I was so excited! Billy was back on R&R from Iraq and he gave me £100 to get me started (with 5 Children under the age of 9 and on a military wage, that was a LOT of money) … So I joined the very first course, I ordered my Berenguer doll and scrapped enough pennies together to buy some brushes, I couldn’t afford the oil paints the girls were using on the online course, but I had some water soluble oils in my art box, so made do with those.

The 3 teachers, Jen, Angel and Kimberly were amazing, they took us through each step and my first Reborn baby was born on 3rd November 2003. The social side of the course and the support was amazing! I am actually still friends with some of those ladies 14 years later!

Over the next few months I made a few more babies, I was still using my water soluble oils and found they were great! By all accounts they cured faster than the normal oils (which could take weeks!) I started experimenting and quickly became pretty good at developing new ideas and I loved to experiment! … My first baby (2nd baby I made) sold on eBay for a whopping £205 and I was so chuft, I danced around my living room like a crazy person!

28th March 2004 … The first UK Guild was born! GERBA Guild of Exceptional Reborn Baby Artistry. It was founded my myself, Maggie, Helen Jalland, Beautiful Sue, and Joanie … it fast became the goal for many new Artists to be accepted, we had a lovely little forum and we supported each other in our journey. Later that year a few other guilds set up and there started to be a real sense of community within in the industry.

In late 2004 I was invited to teach on the online classes, this was the start of something simply amazing, I found a passion for teaching and found my artwork grew rapidly with having to work out how to solve other Artists issues, bearing in mind the industry was still in its infancy! My early years were like a whirlwind! I was asked to root silicones for Heather Boneham and Eva Helland and I found myself working purely on prototypes, but at this time there were NO kits, these prototypes were from the “Masterpiece Collection” so Artists would get their collector dolls from the factory and would send them to me to be stripped and Reborn. I was also working with Ashton Drake and Reborning their factory dolls for photoshoots.

2005 was a manic year… I started sculpting Monkeys! Yes, baby Monkeys! I received a contract from Ashton Drake to sculpt a series of Zoo Animals, at the time I was over the moon, and although I saw my Orangutan and my Panda in vinyl, they never released the edition, I later found out they were fond of doing things like that.

2005 I bought “Simply Reborn” from my US partner Angel as she was wanting to leave the Reborns and concentrate on her re-paint dolls which I have to say, she was a master! So the classes moved to the UK and alongside that we set up our kit company with a new partner Danessa Steele “Simply Reborn Dolls Inc or SRD for short” we had a branch in the USA and one in the UK, we worked with various Artists producing their kits; Linda Webb, Maribel Villanova, Mylene Swertz, Tina Kewy, Denise Farmer to name a few. I started travelling to the USA to teach and attended several IDEX shows over there too!

2005 also saw the birth of the first Reborn Magazine! “Discover Dolls” I was invited to be the “Reborn Expert” for the magazine which was a huge deal for me, then in Jan 2006 I had the first Reborn baby to grace the cover for the magazine.. Happy? Yes! Just a tad!!! Thank you Cathy <3

2006 became a bit of a blur if I am honest, I was by that time selling regularly on eBay and my prices were sky rocketing! I was mainly reborning prototypes and was starting to feel very restricted, almost like my Artistry was being dictated, don’t get me wrong I do love a prototype, but the pressure that comes with it can be so stressful. So I started moving more towards my sculpting, especially mini babies and Preemie babies (my real sculpting passion)

2007 saw the birth of the first UK doll show… Wow oh wow! Although I had attended shows in the USA and Germany by this time, the UK shows were so different, people were coming to look! And although our supplies and kits flew out of the door, it took me 4 shows to make a baby sale.

Our story is a work in progress... Please call back

Meet the Precious Dreams Team

Ruth Annette

Founder & Artist

Ruth Annette (Born 1973) is the Original Artist at Precious~Dreams. Also the Director of the Mother Company 'Simply Reborn Limited' Ruth is a Reborn and Sculpting Artist.

Billy Herrington


Billy Herrington (Born 1975), Husband of Ruth Annette. Billy is a full time soldier in the British Army but helps out with the show preparation and is a huge asset to the Family Business.



Abbie-Annette (Born 1994) is the Eldest daughter of Ruth & Billy, she is a mother of 3 and her Husband George is serving in the British Army.  Abbie runs the Facebook group.

Beau Jade


Beau Jade (Born 1997) is the middle daughter of Ruth & Billy. Beau is currently studying at Keele University, but still enjoys her Artistry in her spare time.

Lillie Ruth


Lillie Ruth (Born 2003) is the youngest daughter of Ruth & Billy. Lillie is currently studying for her GCSE's, but still enjoys her Artistry in her spare time.

Thomas & David

The Manual Help

David (Born 1996) is the Eldest son of Ruth & Billy. David and his Partner Stacey are always a huge help. Thomas (Born 2002) is the youngest son of Ruth & Billy.

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